Summer Festival

AutoPot Summer Festival 2016 – Sold Out!

Summer Festival

The Autopot Summer Festival 2016 has now sold out! We wanted to be adored, then we were and now we’re just sitting around basking in our popularity…the hell we are!

Busy, busy times at HQ but we’re all getting very excited as the preparations ramp-up. Fortunately, the weather has got the memo and has spent the last two months getting all the rain shifted so that not a drop will fall 13-14th August!

As you’ll no doubt know by now the festival is an all-inclusive-exhibition-business-socialentertainment- hospitality-jamboree! Keep your peepers trained on our social media streams for exhibitor, entertainment, and hospitality announcements.

On a sombre note if you are not registered then you simply will not be able to attend this year. Guys, we like you but don’t waste time setting digi-box recordings, don’t waste money on petrol, don’t waste brownie points on convincing loved-ones to let you go, in short: don’t come if you’re not registered! There will be no exceptions for those who arrive unregistered! No!

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