AutoPot Kenya – this thing goes all the way to the top!

Patron of Kenyan womens’ organisations Rachel Ruto pays a fact finding visit.

Late in July the AutoPot greenhouse project nr. Siaya, Kenya received a visit from Rachel Ruto the Vice President of Kenya’s wife and her staff. Nam Oneko, our project leader, was on hand to explain the ways in which our products can be of benefit growers in the region.

Rachel is a patron to many womens' organisations and AutoPot intends to partner up with her office to bring a simple and efficient water irrigation system to villages across Kenya. The systems make such a low impact on water supply and require zero electricity so they can easily be endorsed.

In these splendid images we see tomatoes, capsicum and sweet melon being grown in the easy2grow. In Kenya temperatures fluctuate from a cool, tranquil 18C at night to robust, shouty midday 38C. A big challenge is Relative Humidity that starts daily at 99% at 5am and drops to less than 50% at midday. Even so, without power, environmental controls and with zero water wasted Nam’s crops are flourishing in this his first ever commercial project.

Tomatoes a’ripenin’ bare their wonderfully satin skins for the cameras.

If the peppers do know where Nam is they’re not telling.

Say hiya to Siaya…Beach, Kenya! The greenhouse was completed late in 2016 and has made huge strides already.
Say hello to Nam! This is his very first commercial project.

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