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AutoPot offer high-yielding, sustainable irrigation solutions for all stages of plant growth from propagation through to flower.

So, why choose us over traditional irrigation methods? Here’s a short recap of the benefits;

Increased yields – as water and nutrient is constantly available, your plants feed whenever they have a requirement, they’ll develop quicker and yield more.

Reduced watering workload – simply fill the reservoir, add fertiliser (if required) and check your pH and ppm.

There are no feeding schedules or timed feeds to manage.

Increased savings – our highly efficient, zero-waste irrigation technique means you can expect up to 50% savings in water and fertilizer usage.

Reduced maintenance – there are no pumps to check, no timers to operate and no electrical parts to service.

Increased flexibility – our modular design can be adapted to suit your exact growing area and strain choice.

Reduced risk of disease – using our non-recirculating system drastically reduces the risk of disease transfer between plants.

For a digital copy of our consultancy brochure, click the link –

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A walk through animation of a complete commercial build out, click below –

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Examples of commercial cannabis growers using the system, click below –

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AutoPot Watering Systems are proven to increase yields whilst reducing water and fertilizer usage, offering you fantastic ROI for your facility. Click here for a yield and consumption case study 

Download Case Study

For a free consultation with one of our product specialists please click here to email [email protected]

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