We’ve combined our AutoPot XL Systems with the original, market leading fabric SmartPot! All our XL Systems are now available with a SmartPot option in place of solid pots at no extra cost.

To say that this development is dominating polite conversation is putting it politely. Tongues are wagging furiously in respect of the XL SmartPot Systems qualities. Not only that, they’re wagging out words. Words to the effect that we’ve taken the immense capacity and versatility of the XL System and incorporated the sublimely US manufactured BPA-Free and Lead-Free SmartPot – with no harmful off-gassing or leaching guaranteed! Said tongues don’t stop wagging there. They go on to say that, for a fabric pot, SmartPots have a uniquely rigid base to ensure your plants are kept upright. How astute. A SmartPot will also be bearing the fruits and veg of your labours for years to come. These fabric pots have a very long shelf life with growers still using them after 7 years unlike many of the competition.

And that’s just the hubbub surrounding the quality of the pots. The mentally well-endowed have reached the conclusion that SmartPot’s porous fabric sides allow for Air-Pruning and eliminate root circling – giving you bigger plants from smaller pots. Might the increased number of secondary feeder roots resulting from Air-Pruning vastly increase nutrient and water uptake? AFFIRMATIVE. And what if those fabulous, porous, fabric sides increased oxygen exchange in the substrate? Isn’t that going to supercharge growth? Yes, I think that would pin the tail on that particular donkey!

Speaking of donkeys, why not reduce the burden on your burro with an XL SmartPot System that packs into a far smaller, lighter package than it’s solid pot cousin? If you don’t move your things around by donkey then just think of it as a potentially huge reduction in shipping costs and required storage space for retailers and growers alike. Grand Slam!

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