Without attempting to draw a comparison that might get us into an awful lot of trouble we at AutoPot do feel we have the power to feed a great many people using simple, minimal, everyday means. Natural enough then that this February we should hot-foot it to rub shoulders with like minds at the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA), Abu Dhabi 2018.

The GFIA’s Grand Scheme? To explore the challenges and opportunities for sustainably feeding a projected world population of nine billion people by 2050.

Above: AutoPot Watering Systems at GFIA 2018

If we were to exhibit (and we were) then in order to properly present the potential of our Watering Systems we needed two of the most serious and visionary minds in the whole AutoPot set up. In the latest in our series of unforgettable show pairings Hampshire innovator met Shropshire countryman in the shape of AutoPot MD Jason attending GFIA with AutoPot Account Manager Dave Gulliver. What wonders weave!

Above: Dave Gulliver meets some goats at GFIA

What Jason and Dave found at GFIA surpassed even our well established expectations of the show. The appetite for investing in food production of the future is only increasing. This increased interest is part of a wider discussion about food security and self-sufficiency.

Without innovative food production technologies the MENA (Middle East and North African) region may be subject to greater outside food dependency in the event of climate change. Therefore innovative food production is seen not only as a good investment in the region but as an essential one.

Thus it seems likely that the MENA region will become home to some of the most exciting new projects in food production for years to come.

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