Dave Gulliver has grown so accustomed to flying south this winter that he’s started flapping his wings, honking and intimidating children into giving him bread. To try and make best use of his migratory psychosis we sent the silly goose to NABTA Agriculture in Dubai this month.

Nestled amongst the suburban, private stables of the super-rich NABTA’s showroom greenhouse is an immaculate green and white idyll. Jamal and his team cultivate a wide, healthy and ever-changing range of produce and in doing so demonstrate the vast potential for AutoPot Watering Systems in this part of the world. This range of produce includes some very impressive heads of lettuce grown in coco peat in our white pots on top of our CocoMats irrigated with easy2GO’s  – AutoPot integration is their motivation!

Above: Heads of lettuce grown in coco peat in our white pots on top of our CocoMats irrigated with easy2GO

Above: Crop Monsieur!

Jamal was pleased to report abundant interest in our systems in the region. Much of the demand stems from commercial operations looking for local solutions to future food production. A great many of those involved in commercial operations also want greenhouses of their own at home. This trend of high profile commercial customers taking an active personal interest in horticulture is filtering down. So much so that Jamal’s intention is to liaise with the Minister of Agriculture with a view to producing complete turn key systems for residents which will include greenhouses/AutoPot irrigation technology & fertiliser.

With such a positive, hospitable and helpful ethos it is unsurprising that NABTA are able to achieve so much. As ever its immensely gratifying to see the energy and dedication that distributors like Jamal invest in promoting AutoPot. This drive is especially valuable to us in those regions where the technology may make a real difference now and in the near-future.

Above: Quality and quantity with minimal overheads

Above: Jamal’s splendid NABTA Agriculture Demonstration Greenhouse, Dubai.

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