NPK Vs AP Chilli Trials

A chilli challenge – or chill-enge if you will – for the ages! We at AutoPot have decided to pit our wits against NPK of Liverpool/Merseyside/The North in a capsicompetition to see who can grow the best chillies. Using identical plants both teams will be engaging in some high science in order to surpass each other.

Each team have been endowed with ten Thai birds eye plants. Eight of the ten will be in XL Pots whilst the remaining two are destined for fabric SmartPots. Thats an 80/20 split!

Five of each teams plants are to be tucked up in BioBizz Light Mix combined with Charge from EcoThrive. The other five must snuggle down in the very same BioBizz Light Mix but combined with Azos from X-treme Gardening. Thats an 50/50 split!

Of each of the teams’ ten plants eight have been imbued with a sense of purpose thanks to the application of high-brow General HydroPonics 3 Part Flora series nutrient. Meanwhile each team also have two Broken Britain plants slugging it out in the gutter in low brow Miracle Grow nutrient from Scotts Levingtons. Thats an 80/20 split!

Pop them all under MaxiGrow 315 daylight fixtures and allow one custodian per team and you have got a controlled, multi-faceted experiment on your hands. That’s 100% true!

Above: (Low ying) Birds eye view of Birds Eye Chillies

The detail doesn’t stop there, it can’t be stopped! We are looking at growth AND production with and without the use of natural bacterias.

So it’s not simply a case of juicing the plants to achieve piquant-um leaps in growth. We’re going forensic on the final quality of the crop and the plants themselves to determine whose truly are the best.

Amongst other criteria plants will be judged on their yield, the chillies Scoville rating (heat rating, not relative likeness to one half of “This Morning’s” host couple) and according to the leaf matter produced by competing substrates.

Above: Playschool is over! Time to re-pot and reap-hot!

We may only be separated by the M25, M40, M42, M6, and M62 (in that order if travelling northbound) but we’re pretty sure the rivalry will burn as intensely as if we were neighbours: eating so many sensational chillies that we start growling at one another, popping out in our slippers every morning to spike each others milk bottles with a capsicum or two before easing the lid back on. Conflict must ensue, let battle commence-e!

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