AutoPot Summer Social News!

Yippee-ki-yay! Like the true pioneers they are CANNA and Highlight Horticulture have hitched their wagons to the AutoPot Summer Social as our Headline Sponsors for 2018! These guys won’t be getting snowbound in the mountains and eating each other – the Social is a summer event. Moreover, as Headline Sponsors, CANNA and Highlight Horticulture will be bringing you 100% free refreshments, all weekend-long, which almost always diffuses any threat of cannibalism. Thanks for that guys! We’re very much looking forward to a reprise of both sponsors incredible hospitality in 2017.

Above: The AutoPot Summer Social 2017, the saints are looking down on us

As if that didn’t make our posse a formidable enough prospect we’ve struck platinum…Platinum Partners! This year the Social will be brought to you in association with a rich seam of industry-leading brands. BioBizz, Dutchpro, Gold Label and The Growers Wholesale! Names to make you go ooooh! Expect palatial and titillating tipi’s from each of them in the Sponsors Village bedecked with their latest product lines. It is impossible to conduct the Social without the help of our Platinum Partners so a huge tip of the nod in their direction.

Exciting and exotic diversions are to be revealed over the coming months by Mills – our Entertainment Partners! These guys bring light into our hearts on a near-daily basis with their support, knowledge and professional decoration of the UK hydro industry. Heaven knows what treats lie in store for the Social! Keep your souls attuned to their and our social media streams as the layers of intrigue are peeled away.

Above: Dusky Social

Ticket registration is opening soon which is a very alluring prospect as I’m sure anyone who has been registered for anything
will agree. A summer without the Social is as empty as the prairie so do keep your eyes open for forthcoming announcements on the salvation that is guest booking. Don’t forget this is a TRADE ONLY event – if you’re strictly a public person then you’re going to have to enjoy reading about our adventures from a safe distance (on the internet).

Exhibitor Booking is now open for the AutoPot Social 2018 and selling fast! Act now to reserve your favourite spot, try a different position or feel the thrill of your first booking.

We have a remarkable, secluded location, we have fifty booths in an intimate and exclusively trade-attended event, we have held all 2017 booth prices for 2018. Do we have your attention? Come along now, get in touch via [email protected] to reserve your booth at the U.K.’s only hydro industry trade event.


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