Chef’s Garden Supply

Some splendid logical gymnastics from the environs of Chicago! In a single and very elegant leap Chef’s Garden Supply have decided to find and offer the very best in growing equipment from a chefs perspective.

A constant issue for chefs is the price and availability of fresh, clean, premium produce and specialty vegetables. This issue deepens as produce becomes more and more expensive every season.

Above: Chef’s Garden Supply? They certainly butter our parsnips!

Hence Chef’s Garden Supply set out on a mission to help chefs get growing with Chef tested grow gear for the restaurant or home. Having tested exhaustively they now bring you equipment packages and separates via their lovely new website.

Is it coincidence we mention this here? I was just coming to that…we are honoured to say that when their team set out to select the best watering system on offer they chose us.

Their verdict: “We chose equipment that makes sense for us and you. It has to work and it has to be reliable at the same time innovative. Most of all, it has to produce amazing food consistently…Testing nearly everything AutoPot offers, it is clearly the top choice for beginners and industry leaders.”

Chefs Garden Supply wants to show you how easy it is to start growing your own. No matter if you are a single unit, large chain, small farm business or backyard grower. Come take a look here.

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