Z7 Giveaway!

We are giving away a limited number of free Z⁷ Enzyme Cleaner samples with AutoPot 4Pot Systems. But why do we want you to know about this unique, super-concentrated, 2-part probiotic enzymatic cleanser? Here’s why…

Z⁷ cleans tanks, pipes and roots alike to keep the food superhighway flowing fast and free. Nutrients autobahn-storm their way to the squeaky clean roots where they help plants reach their genetic potential.

Above: Witness the impact of Z⁷ on roots!

As well as helping to establish a healthy growing environment Z⁷ works to keep that environment in check. It helps to stabilise the pH swings caused by the interaction between plant nutrients, dead plant cells and mineral additives.

You and Z⁷ are going to get along famously. In terms of compatibility it can be used in soil growing and hydroponic systems. Z⁷ is also compatible with any plant food (organic or mineral), or Mycorrhizae supplement.

Flying Skull are well-known for their complete line of high quality horticultural products. All their lines, including Nuke Em – “The Ultimate Plant Wash” and Z⁷ are subjected to rigorous, batch-by-batch testing to ensure the end user receives a consistent, safe, quality product.

Above: 4Pot, the noble beast whose purchase will grant you a sample of Z⁷

While stocks last every AutoPot 4Pot System will include 100ml of Part 1 and 100ml of Part 2 Z⁷.

Z⁷ is concentrated and available in 2 sizes.

237ml 2 part set treats 1780 litres RRP £45

946ml 2 part set treats 7162 litres RRP £120.

That makes it a remarkably affordable 2p per litre!

For questions or to find your nearest stockist call 0203 637 5190 or head to www.goglobaldistributors.com/stockists

Offer subject to availability
Offer not available in North America

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