NPK Live Show Visit AutoPot HQ

It was our immense pleasure to welcome NPK Technology Hydroponics at the AutoPot Research and Development Facility this April. Stephen, Thomas and the team descended the M6 like the force of nature they literally are in order to shoot not only the breeze but a special 30 min episode of the NPK Show for their YouTube channel.

Shooting the powdown for the NPK YouTube channel

NPK review our latest developments

Can’t and won’t spill too much of what went on tape but needless to say we touched on the NPK Vs AutoPot Chilli Trials which are causing such a stir at the moment. Jason showed the guys the plants and different growing techniques in the grow room, from propagation stage to micro herb stage.

Aside from their sterling work on behalf of their Merseyside stores NPK’s crowning media glory is obviously the NPK Live Podcast. For the uninitiated, this hour-long, weekly bounty (the prized asset not the bar) is plucked and arranged from the greatest minds in hydroponics whilst in conversation with NPK’s feted presenters. 

Above: Capturing the magic

The podcast is a sublime insight into the state of the nation in growing terms. You’ll not find a finer, more passionate or better informed cross section of innovators, manufacturers, distributors, shops and growers anywhere else. The guys talk to everyone that matters and the info they seem to get so effortlessly does really speak to people who actually grow.

Tune in to the podcast here right now to get up to speed with previous episodes. Thence you will be adequately prepared for the NPK AutoPot YouTube Special edition – due to unfurl its magnificent plumage in July!

Images used with kind permission of NPK Technology Hydroponics

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