We Shot A Dan In Reno

Above: Expose yourselves it’s Expo Time!

Clattering out of the horizon, raising dust across the Sierra Nevada skyline comes this absolute barrel of brilliance! The unbelievable Dan Gulliver, AutoPot Marketing and Business Development Director, has been roving in the U.S. once more. Appropriately enough for our tiny trooper he was bound for “The Biggest Little City In The World”. It’d be perfectly understandable for others to feel a twinge of apprehension in their watering systems on such an important trip. With AutoPot irrigation Dan had no such nerves – would he succumb to Reno failure? Absolutely no way! 

Above: Easy Dan, its a perfectly reasonable question

Flown by plane to the U.S. he then drove by car to San Francisco to meet up with AutoPot USA standard bearer Manny Pelaez. Theirs was to be a five day road trip in California and Nevada visiting stores in the Bay Area, Sacramento and culminating at The Reno Expo, a show dedicated to the cultivation market in Nevada. 

Above: And they say you can’t improve on nature!

The Expo attracted an immense, diverse and well-informed crowd, drawing visitors from throughout Nevada and also California. AutoPot USA received plenty of interest from growers and environmental consultants looking to reduce water and fertiliser waste for their commercial clients. Dan was invited to sit on a panel of experts in a Q&A session with Expo attendees, answering questions and offering advice on watering and irrigation techniques alongside experts on organic gardening, compost, botany and crop storage.

To everyone’s great relief the ghost of Johnny Cash did not, in fact, assassinate Dan in the aforementioned city merely for the purposes of our very dubious and unworkable titular pun – not to be repeated here. Instead the trip was rounded off nicely with a scenic drive back to San Francisco via Lake Tahoe.

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