Medwyn Williams, champion vegetable grower meets AutoPot M.D. Jason Ralph-Smith

We are very proud to announce that AutoPot Watering Systems and CANNA will be working with the extremely well renowned Medwyn Williams, from Medwyn’s of Anglesey. Medwyn, if you’re not in the horticultural know, has won eleven Gold Medals, back-to-back at the UK’s most prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Above: Medwyn Williams – eleven-time RHS Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medal winner

Above: Like a tapestry of nature

After retiring from the Chelsea show circuit Medwyn has, after nine long years, decided to re-appear. When AutoPot M.D. Jason Ralph-Smith visited him in Anglesey this June Medwyn explained that “there’s something special about Chelsea, that makes me want to go back”.

Jason says;

Above: Next up, hydroponic growing with AutoPot and CANNA

“To say we at AutoPot, and myself personally, are excited to be working with Medwyn is an understatement, I’ve personally followed his success over the years and to now be able to sit down with a true horticulturist is an absolute pleasure. Meeting Medwyn and his son Alwyn was probably one of the most enjoyable meetings I’ve attended for years, both are very well versed in the plant world and were such fun to be around. The plants are stunning and the flavours to die for, especially the Corsican Mint, a variety I had not heard of before, nor tasted but have now discovered that is is used to make creme de menthe.”

“Moving forward the idea Medwyn has is over the coming seasons is to perfect the art of growing his show vegetables hydroponically, a completely different method of application to what he is used to but with a little help from all concerned I’m sure we’ll get this true gentleman up to speed and producing a bountiful crop of show winning vegetables.”

   Above: Colour, quality and size wherever you look

Above: Vines in Medwyns superb Anglesey greenhouse

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