The Growers Guide – Passive Watering Systems

Above: Author Rich Hamilton

The Growers Guide and AutoPot are delighted to announce a new addition to The Growers Guide family! Book 4: “Passive Watering Systems” will be launched at this year’s AutoPot Summer Social (dare-we-slip-it-in?-Yes-we-do!) – the U.K.’s premier hydroponics industry show!

Educating and exciting in equal measure, The Growers Guide is the U.K.’s first ever series of publications dedicated to explaining the most popular hydroponics methods currently in use. Taking the reader way beyond mere description, the Guide is also instructive in detailing the way in which these hydroponic growing methods can be harnessed to achieve the best results. Existing books in the series to date include: “Coco”, “DWC & Bubblers” and “Organics”.

Above: The AutoPot Summer Social venue for the launch of The Growers Guide Book 4

 A comprehensive but concise guide to growing in a passive watering system, Book 4 includes more Standard content than ever before; broadening the amount of information available to entry-level/intermediate growers. It also sees the addition of more advanced chapters for readers who seek an in-depth look at the nutritional elements required to raise healthy plants.

Throughout the Social weekend of August 18th & 19th The Growers Guide will be showcasing the new edition alongside the long list of quality and respected brands that are detailed within the book’s hallowed pages. As a mark of appreciation for all the support that they‘ve received from the UK hydroponics industry The Growers Guide will be giving away a free copy of the new book to all Social attendees! In author Rich Hamilton’s very own words: “See you there people”.

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