The AutoPot Summer Social Review

Watch the AutoPot Summer Social 2018 in action below – with thanks to NPK Media!

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The long, contemplative ritual of putting the AutoPot Summer Social to bed now draws to its tremulous conclusion – like the climax of a Pharaoh’s funeral, but with more embalming and more pyramids. The whole AutoPot team would like to offer their sincere thanks to all those who participated and made this year’s event such a success. And what a deeply enjoyable AutoPot Summer Social it was. It just seemed to exude goodwill. When it comes together as well as it did this year the inevitable happens – great relationships are formed and people do lovely business. How to explain it? For the uninitiated and for those who attended but would like a privileged peek behind the curtain here’s how we do it…

This is the place where your dreams can come true with CANNA


Above: Hydroponics best loved wholesalers and party starters par excellence Highlight Horticulture

Invaluable in this enterprise were our headline sponsors CANNA and Highlight Horticulture – Social engineers ready and waiting to lube up our collective cogs with their superlative bar lounge. As the refreshments glided in and good-natured chatter tripped from every tongue it was self-evident that everything was going to be a-okay.

Above: Virtual vertical non-hurti-cal reality with Dutchpro


Above: Megaphone blast radius at the superb Biobizz raffle

Providing diversions on a scale rivalled only by the Highways Agency, our Platinum Sponsors ensured that our guests had an enjoyable and fruitful panoply of paths from which to choose. The evidence for these excessively wordy claims? Witness the Biobizz Raffle, the Dutchpro Virtual Reality, the Gold Label Blackjack Table, the Growers Wholesale Vape Bar. Civilians, what did you do with your weekend? B&Q? 

Above: Plenty of interest in Gold-label Blackjack

Above: Vape Bar raisers The Growers Wholesale

A galaxy of reasons for visiting the Summer Social could be found within the Trade Exhibition. Perfectly realised, immersive little worlds were created by our Exhibitors on their stands. They populated the Pavilions and employed all the colour of the cosmos to draw the wayfaring visitor into their gravitational fields. This year the Exhibitors really did tailor their displays to fit the Pavilions like never before. The innovation on show was truly something to behold.

Above: What CANNA wheel is that!

Above: Mills entertainment lighting up the Social

Moments to share and moments to cherish throughout the weekend from Mills and their remarkable entertainment line up. This giddying confection kept the crowds very sweet indeed. Many a superfan in the audience was genuinely excited to see this or that act in the flesh and trap their heroes’ musical melodies using their ears.

There was food too. Variety in spades and we’d like to give a huge nod to the caterers who achieved this variety when other caterers didn’t materialise. No mean feat, so profuse thanks to La Kordun, The Barbarian Grill and Manjula. Special mention for Slim’s Hydroponics and Snoops Premium who helped us take the cull out of culinary or those of a vegan persuasion, sponsoring as they did Manjula catering. The only thing those guys executed was dishes of sublime quality.

Above: Manjula, thoroughly delicious vegan and veg cuisine

Above: Maxigrow providing free hot beverages

for those of a vegan persuasion, sponsoring as they did Manjula catering. The only thing those guys executed was dishes of sublime quality.

Keeping our guests in piping hot beverages (not physically) were the incredibly popular Maxibrew aka Maxigrow. Last night’s delicious refreshments always taste that bit sweeter when you’ve a decent coffee in your hands.  

Above: A lovely Bitter Gourd at Plantasia

Above: Plant-ease-me-tease-me-tease-me tasia Plantasia

Where to put all this stuff though? What about some countrysidey vistas in which business can take place at a decent pace, away from the blood and thunder of a trade hall? Not a problem thanks to our host’s generosity, passion and hard work. Plantasia organised, turned over and transformed the Social site AND presented us with their greenhouses. And what a sublime gift those greenhouses were. Months of work delivered the highest quality plants and truly incredible diversity at every turn – a real treat.

Above: Snake Gourd at Plantasia

Above: Months of work delivered the highest quality plants at the Social

So the stage was set. All we craved now was some attention, visitors bringing tidbits of joy to the Social. Hydro industry friends and newcomers whose attendance might fill this great saucer with the milk of goodwill. Only with the participation of our Guests, tickling us with their presence, could we make this big cat of a Social purr. And purr it did. Guests, you did yourselves proud.

Above: Friends from across the ocean

Above: Officer on deckchair




Whilst the Social is about striking and tapping into a rich seam of bonhomie we are also proud of the business that the event facilitates. Could we quantify the success of this years instalment? I rather think we could. Grab that hard hat, pop on your overalls, and kiss your loved ones goodbye as we drill down into the stats! This year 186 companies attended – an increase of 30% on last years event. This year 251 companies registered – an increase of 14% on last years event. So this year we have enjoyed an increase in the number of companies registering and an increase in the number of those who registered actually attending – even more reasons to visit!

Above: Literally elated at the AutoPot Summer Social

(FROM)Above: It doesnt get much better than that

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