Auto 9 XL: Joined Up Thinking

Our tray systems are now available to the public! For those of you who haven’t just stampeded to our online store here’s what all the fuss is about. Auto 9 XL was developed with our commercial partners in order to pull as much profit as possible from every square foot. This tray system is the embodiment of joined up thinking. How about combining nine pots, one valve and just one line? A single, beautifully engineered tray system that maximises growing space and minimises maintenance? A system that is simple to install and operate and irrigates with zero run-off, negating the requirement for waste water plumbing? That’s what we’re talking about. 

Above: Auto 9 XL with solid pots

Though it was commercial demands that brought these little gems into being, we always believed that the same requirements existed for individual growers everywhere. This belief has been borne out in literally every waking moment since first we trailed details of our endeavours with tray systems. The interest has been stupefying and humbling in equal measure. Now proven in some of the largest cultivation facilities of their kind the Auto 9 XL is ready for it’s adoring public. 

Above: Auto 9 XL SmartPot

We’re quite sure that these tray systems will blaze a trail straight into your hearts. Auto 9 XL runs on exactly the same AQUAvalve-driven technology as our other watering systems. You are still growing power-free, with not a drop of water wasted. But Auto 9 XL can cut your overheads further. The reduction in components as opposed to nine individual pots and trays (each with their own valve and line) means a fraction of the maintenance duties.

Above: Handy valve cover for #easyaccess

You can choose either the standard Auto 9 XL with nine 6.6gal (25ltr) solid pots or, for fabric fans, there’s the Auto 9 XL SmartPot with nine 5gal (18.9ltr) geotextile, BPA-free SmartPots.

Naturally, given the positive response to Auto 9 XL, we’ve still got one eye on future developments in tray systems. The nine-pot configuration used by Auto 9 XL suits a great many of our clients but there is more in store. Other clients who are equally keen to take advantage of the vertical space at their disposal, without the concern of accessing a vast number of individual pots and trays, require different arrangements. To these ends We now provide a custom design service for commercial growers and have produced bespoke trays for clients across North America based on their racking design and pot configuration.

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