Moon Walks

No sense howling at the Moon, he’s already on his way. Sadly we bid farewell to Dan Mooney this month as he moves off into the orbit, and employ, of Moonshine. The loss of our Northern Powerhouse is only somewhat mitigated by the aptness of his new employers name and some new arrivals of our own. But before moving on, a moment of quiet reflection. We will dearly miss Mooney’s cheery character, growing acumen, cheery character, customer rapport, cheery character, beard, cheery character, pace of delivery, cheery character, infectious enthusiasm, cheery character and professionalism. He’ll be a massive asset to his new employers; a sales dynamo, out there on the ground, illuminating his new company with every

Above: Its easy2GO but its hard to watch him leave

detail of the horticultural scene in the U.K. be it commercial, weird or wonderful. So, adieu Mooney, many thanks for your sterling work, it is impossible to imagine we won’t remain in touch. For now, we’re hurting, so we’ll just say a huge thank you for your years of hard work and for everything you’ve helped us build here.

Salving our wounds are two funky fresh new arrivals in the shape of Gareth Bryan and David Ford. Gareth, or Gaz if you will, joins us from Elite Hydro and replaces Mooney as Account Manager for the north of the U.K.. He’s already been circulating twixt our shops in the region and the consensus is that he’ll thrive in the role. Only experience in the hydro industry gets you the kind of credibility you need to succeed on the ground. Fortunately for us Gareth brings a wealth of practical expertise and beaucoup de industry connections to the role. We very much forward to working with him and know you will too.

Meanwhile, David Ford has touched down at Farnborough to join us at the AutoPot Warehouse. Having parked his Lear round the back he has set to work, creating a new warehouse team together with Jason Hurst. Our roving

Above: Gareth Bryan joins AutoPot as North of England Rep

Above: Warehouse would you find Jabba and Dave?

reporter/AutoPot Project Manager – Leah Symes swung by the warehouse to learn more. According to her David is a keen caravan…and a DIY enthusiast (what IS a “keen caravan”?). Basically, David favours any excuse to have a break from the kids – even if that extends to building an entirely new house on wheels.

As Warehouse Assistant, David reports to none other than the mighty Jason Hurst. Jason, our Warehouse Manager, known affectionately as ‘Jabba’, joined the team earlier in the year. Jabba likes cricket and fishing, playing cricket with the fishes and fishing with the crickets, but never mind all that because he’s busy planning his wedding at the end of the year. These boys move more stock than OXO but with skill, grace and care. Unsung heroes, until now, now get back in your box!

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