AutoPot at MJBizCon 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The powerful bees of AutoPot buzzed off to MJBiz Con 2018 last week. We very much hope you visited them in Las Vegas. If not, why not? Just like bees, the guys we dispatched to Nevada were highly decorated denizens of the garden. They’d earned their stripes and were very keen to show off the sweet produce AutoPot have to offer. That said, they were equally ready for a little cross-pollination and were all set to gather new ideas and influences at MJBiz. 

So what exactly were we bringing to the event? What intriguing nectar attracted the attention of our team in Vegas? How does the US (indoor and outdoor) garden grow at present? And which of our guys performed the waggle dance when they found out? All these questions and more we shall endeavour to answer now.

In terms of our contribution to MJBiz Con, we were naturally excited to be there displaying some of the solutions we can offer growers. To that end we took along the Auto9 XL and welcomed may a wide-eyed visitor, keen to see this fully functioning example of our space-saving, low maintenance irrigation solution for multi-level grows. Unsurprisingly, given the commercial presence at MJBiz Con, our custom design service for such tray systems garnered plenty of attention. We are currently producing bespoke trays for several clients across North America based on their racking design and pot configuration.

Those in the market for some silver screen action took a long look at the PlantSkirt, our light-tight, heat reflective shield. This is designed to protect nutrient solution and substrate from temperature fluctuation, algae and debris when growing in large open trays. Paired with the AQUAvalve Kit, PlantSkirt provides a solution for growing even the largest of plants commercially.

AutoPot grows with everything and our team fielded questions aplenty as to how the systems can be used with mineral fertilizers or living soils to achieve incredible yields.

What were we looking out for in Vegas? Well, on a personal and professional level, we’re always elated at the prospect some serious trade in one of the world’s most vibrant and enlightened marketplaces. Our US team relay an abundance of info on US growing but it is essential for the UK guys to get an up-to-date, hands-on appreciation of cultivation in the states. To get a true taste of the goings-on we be combined our presence at the show with tours of some existing and potential facilities. The scale of these operations are truly inspirational.

Strange to think there’s ten legs in this picture

In order to best serve our market in the States it is, of course, necessary to engage with it and understand it. Comprehending the current state of cultivation in the US is complicated. The fact that the industry is no longer completely dominated by two forces (the desire to grow and law) sat in opposition, means many human and market forces have been set loose. 

Legalisation in some states, whether medical or recreational, seems to have reshaped growing on several levels. It has brought new home growers in, simply by enabling them to legally cultivate. Denied their markets some mid-level producers have been driven out as a consequence, their lack of infrastructure having delayed or hobbled efforts to gain licences and compete with big commercial growers. Other intermediate-sized producers have seen serious investment as speculative outsiders, emboldened by legalisation, have rushed in to cash in. For major players the imperatives of efficiency and productivity have never been so strong. They have serious investments and contracts to service, their own ethical codes to meet and a need to put out products that undercut the urge to home grow.

The challenge of meeting needs in this changed growing landscape is pretty exciting and has us all thinking. Just because there are a number of different groups vying for a place in the market doesn’t mean the urge to serve any one of them should exclude helping another. Encouraging home growers to engage through easy to use, low maintenance tech is important. As is keeping dedicated, professional and innovative growers in the industry by providing low-overhead, high-yielding irrigation solutions. Neither of these aims is more or less important than supplying and supporting commercial clients who are endeavouring to revolutionise approaches to medical care.

What we can offer is the automation of every stage of growth without electricity, without feeding schedules to manage and without waste water. AutoPot Watering Systems want to help you increase your yields and reduce operational and maintenance overheads. If you did join us in Vegas, please stay in touch. If you missed us, no fear, our staff are always ready to chat  about the latest and greatest industry innovations and discuss your growing needs.

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