Dave and Dozza’s Viennese Whirl

Under the shaky pretext of popping out for cake Dave Gulliver and Dan Dozzini recently left the office and materialised in Vienna. So far, so Tuesday, but as it turned out our European and UK Accounts Managers had more than just Sachertorte up their sleeves. They were going to visit some of our brightest and best European distributors and stores, join hands with them and bound through the streets to Cultiva Hemp Expo and Cannabis Congress, and once there put on a stunning show with outcomes to echo down the ages.

First stop was Bushdoctor – Shop Brunn, one of three Bushdoctor stores in Vienna. This branch commands a plum spot on the Industriestrasse, Number B12 seeing as you asked, and never has a doctor’s premises looked so healthy or full of hydro equipment. Adrian and the team have peppered the place with static and active displays of AutoPot treasure. The care and attention given to the static displays are a treat and it’s a real compliment to us to see the time they’ve invested there. The immaculate active displays show you exactly what you want to see in a shop – that the owners and employees know and trust the systems and that the systems will give you everything you need. Our chaps were delighted to see our large custom Bushdoctor / AutoPot banner holding sway over the door. After swanning about a bit, imperiously browsing and deigning to cast a benevolent glance here and there, Dave and Dan got down to final preparations for the Cultiva Show at the EventPyramid. 

Not only is the Brunn Bushdoctor store capacious, swish and easily accessible, it is also the perfect launchpad for the nearby Cultiva Show, wherein AutoPot would have a large presence on Bushdoctor’s stand. And all the people would come to see! But not just yet.

Before showtime our Austro-nauts blasted off for a lovely bit of BUSHPLANET courtesy of the Viennese distributor’s Grow City store. Dave and Dan were looking to shrub shoulders with yet more of Vienna’s hydro cognoscenti and if that meant a transcendental voyage all the way to D5 Industriestrasse then so be it. Too easy to play upon is the correlation twixt the friendly welcome that awaited our guys and the name of the store manager being Mate. However, a roar of appreciation for a warm reception is due to Mate and his team, seldom have we come across someone with a more appropriate moniker. A great deal of thought on the part of Grow City’s staff has clearly gone into the store layout. Often managers and owners of large stores struggle to face down the tyranny of the blank canvas created by their vast walls. Not a bit of that at Grow City. The place is literally wall-to-wall with installations, displays and stylish hoardings from the best in the industry. Again the active AutoPot demo areas serve to excite and delight. Other notable features included a very fitting display of fittings, arranged like the crown jewels. Assuredly we have a most regal presence in the Imperial City.

Dave and Dan couldn’t put the show off much longer, given that it was about to start. Hence they hot-footed it over to the EventPyramid where they joined forces with Bushdoctor and prepared to dish out their extensive and insightful AutoPot knowledge. All our team asked in return was to be illuminated by Cultiva. Happy to say they left positively, but not dangerously, irradiated by their experiences.

What is quite interesting about hydro expos is the sheer variety of exhibits typically on show. The spectrum of uses for hydro technology, its produce and its byproducts is rarely rivalled by that of other industry gatherings. In the spirit of multi-dimensional exhibits Esteban from Growmax Water joined our party on the Bushdoctor stand. For the uninitiated Growmax offer a comprehensive range of filter systems to strain any undesirables from the essence of life. Be gone chlorine, sediment, dirt, rust, oxidation, herbicides, pesticides and VoCs! For their exquisite and extensive range we’d urge you to hasten to their main site here

FlexiTanked up at Grow City

As with the tech on show there’s often a very wide range of ongoing debates around hydro events. It’s hard to conceive of another industry where the current discussions, issues and ramifications arising from the application of technology are so far reaching. So it was at Cultiva. The eleventh instalment of this popular Expo had a strong focus on interactive exhibits that ran the full gamut of human experiences in relation to cultivation. This included an extensive roll call of consultation services, workshops, craft and lifestyle demonstrations plus music and ents – sublime! 

As the growtent zips closed on another terrific weekend Dave and Dan could reflect warmly upon the wealth of experiences they had assimilated and how honoured we are by the great work of our Austrian supporters.

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