AutoPot Summer Social 2019 – Exhibitor Booking

It is but March and already we are nearly full up with Exhibitors for the AutoPot Summer Social 2019. Very few slots remain and interest is piping HOT! This is all tremendous news for fans of the show. Our Exhibitors never fail to delight with stacks of innovative games and giveaways,  superbly dressed stands and stunning products to keep the trade-only crowds happy and engaged. Just as important as all these material treasures is our Exhibitors’ ever-present personality and welcoming, helpful attitude. Exciting times await!

The AutoPot Summer Social: cultivated with care

The Summer Social developed from the simple concept of sitting down in a beautiful, quiet spot with the best of the hydro industry for a proper chat and a chance to get things done. Yes, over five years the event has expanded considerably in scope and scale but it’d be wrong to characterise the Social’s success as ‘runaway’. It’s always been on a short leash, and for good reason. With the indispensable help of our friends in the industry we’ve worked hard to cultivate and curate it in order to keep the idea of its origins true. We’re very proud of the fact that our friends are also our Sponsors and Exhibitors and that they’ve had such a guiding hand in the growth of the show.

A unique opportunity to do serious business
at a relaxed, intimate and exclusively trade attended event

We remain an exclusively trade attended event in order to keep the focus squarely on business.   Our industry guests this year can expect to see the brightest and best from more than fifty Exhibitors, along with exhibits, attractions and hospitality from an unprecedented number of Sponsors. A growing trend at the Social is a ‘first look’ at a host of new products, some of which are stepping out on their public debut. Look forward to upcoming details of our Sponsors and their activities at this year’s event.

See the finest nutrient, substrate and control technologies in action with AutoPot Watering Systems

If you are an Exhibitor and you harbour the dream of appearing at this year’s show you really must sally forth with an application now. Email for details. If you are a trade member of the hydro industry you know what you must do. Keep the 17th and 18th of August sacred and, for now, remain patient. We’ll have further announcements on guest booking in due course. Adios

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