AutoPot Store Days

AutoPot literally have more than ever in store this summer. We’re rolling out on a rebel drive across the nation with an extensive tour diary of U.K. AutoPot Store Days. Never has there been a better opportunity to get to grips with AutoPot Watering Systems in the presence of our knowledgable, friendly and helpful representatives. They’re there for YOU!

We’re bringing our systems to the staff and customers of hydro shops everywhere so that they may bear witness to AutoPot’s serene and simple majesty. So disarmingly simple to use are the systems that oftentimes growers can feel dazed by the freedom they afford, in many ways buying an AutoPot is like winning a holiday (we’re not giving away any actual holidays).

Hey you! Mysterious people! Don’t just point and walk on by, come in and educate thyself

Essentially, even we are aware that the inherent simplicity of AutoPot Watering Systems sometimes puts people on the back foot. There’s a great deal to explore in terms of just how unbelievably easy the systems can make life for growers and our reps are keen as mustard to talk you through every aspect. As well as operating power-free and with zero waste water the systems require minimal maintenance. Our reps will be on hand to explain for you exactly what that means in terms of your workload. 

The AutoPot Store Days U.K. North Itinerary

The simplicity of the systems also means there’s a huge amount of scope to develop your growing technique. Our store days are designed to show you how AutoPots provide a rock solid base from which you can diversify, safe in the knowledge that watering and feeding are locked down.

Curious about nutrient compatibility? Inquisitive regarding substrate? Pondering plant suitability?  Fancy some of our stylish and handy freebies? Then follow our Insta and Facebook feeds for details of upcoming Store Days. U.K. South dates to follow.

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  1. trying to place an order by phone rang for a long time no reply…..what are the available times to place an order via phone please?

    1. Post

      Hello Phyllis,

      Opening Hours are:

      Saturday Closed
      Sunday Closed
      Monday 9AM–5PM
      Tuesday 9AM–5PM
      Wednesday 9AM–5PM
      Thursday 9AM–5PM
      Friday 9AM–5PM

      Many Thanks

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