Auto3 XL

Three your mind, and the rest will follow. Auto3 XL has arrived and is keen to fill even the tightest apertures with the maximum amount AutoPot’s incredible productivity. Over the past few months test models have been belting out results at AutoPot R&D Centre: Plantasia. Passed astoundingly fit for active duty, the Auto3 XL is on sale now!

A triple of excitement – Auto3 XL with 25ltr / 6.6gal pots

Like existing tray modules, Auto9 XL and Auto8, Auto3 XL provides commercial growers with all the space-saving, light-optimising, low-maintenance advantages of irrigating multiple pots in a single tray and lid assembly. Combining the pots in one tray means footprint is reduced. Fewer lights are needed with plants arranged less loosely. Vertical racking becomes a viable option thanks to reduced maintenance on just one AQUAvalve.  

Kneel before your God – the Auto3 XL SmartPot (God/Auto3 XL SmartPot does not include substrate)

Auto3 XL can offer a compact, flexible solution to commercial growers but also, significantly, brings the benefits of integrated tray irrigation to independent and hobby horticulturalists of the AutoPot persuasion. Auto3 XL packs three 25 litre / 6.6gal solid pots or three 18.9 litre / 5gal fabric SmartPots into a single tray and lid assembly measuring just 115cm L x 38.5cm W (45” x 15”). 

Benjamin Biggs, head of growing at Plantasia, has been enjoying superior results with Giant Kohlrabi and Swede (pictured Top). These are perfectly suited to the 25 litre / 6.6gal solid pots that the Auto3 XL accommodates, given the space to grow afforded by the pots. Such thirsty plants also really benefit from the ultra-responsive irrigation that this AutoPot Watering System provides. With these particular plants Ben has used Mill’s Soil with Cork and Slow Release 90 Day Feed. The reservoir simply supplies water.

Peepo! The Auto3 XL Tray and Lid reveals it’s low-maintenance sweet spot – a single AQUAvalve!

In the sister system, running 18.9 litre / 5gal fabric SmartPots, Ben’s chillies have been thriving thanks to the air-pruning facilitated by the porous pot sides. When root tips reach the porous side of a SmartPot they are deterred from extending any further by the air outside. Secondary roots then develop within the pot, creating a fibrous root structure with vastly improved moisture and nutrient uptake. Root circling is also thus eliminated making it possible to produce bigger plants from smaller pots. The porous BPA-free, lead-free SmartPot material allows improved gas exchange in the substrate. Free to breathe the root zone can see dramatically enhanced oxygen levels – supercharging growth. All this as a no-cost option with Auto3 XL!

Visit to buy now or ask your local AutoPot stockist for details.

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