Get Ready For The Malvern Autumn Show – With AutoPot!

Something very special is heating the collective waters of our team at the moment. It’s down there causing steamy sensations, bubbling away beneath our underground lake of motivation like a seam of, shall we say, Malvern lava. Geyser! Between September 28th and 29th our excitement will erupt at the Three Counties Showground and the world will know (if they don’t already from this post and other coordinated social media strategies) that AutoPot are appearing at the 25th Malvern Autumn Show. 

Come and see AutoPot at the Malvern Autumn Show 2019

Our visit last year took in the glories of Dale Toten’s CANNA UK National Giant Veg Championship entries and yet another blockbusting display from Medwyn’s of Anglesey. This piqued our interest in a presence for 2019 which we are delighted to announce has now been realised. Seeing double? You bet! We’ll be exhibiting in the Harvest Pavilion with CANNA and appearing with them in the Tipi of that most venerated veteran grower, Medwyn’s of Anglesey. You can’t get away from us!

Believe it or not there are other reasons to visit the Malvern Autumn Show. One fact bears stating right off the bat if only for how downright commendable it is: UNDER 16’s GO FREE, other shows take note – if you want to engage the future of horticulturethere is no more efficient way to do it than by giving the young a look at the amazing world of possibilities. With that diatribe safely dispatched we can move on to the astounding attractions. 

AutoPot giant veg grower Dale Toten with his World Record Chilli Pepper in 2018

Spiritually the Autumn Show feels like a kind of natural climax to the grower’s year, coinciding as it does with harvest. Sure, there are profoundly significant shows on earlier and later in the year. However, due to its timing there is something about Malvern, something akin to a last hurrah of the outdoor growing season, that brings everyone and all their finest efforts out in force. 

Keep pumpkin yer muscles lads, superb tableau for the N.V.S. CANNA U.K. Giant Veg Championship

As testament and homage to the spirit of harvest, Malvern acts as a siren call to the efforts of giant veg growers across the nation. Visitors can marvel at these giant veg at the N.V.S. CANNA U.K. Giant Veg Championship. Each and every effort is the result of an immense investment of time and skill. Expert growers battle it out to grow the heaviest or the longest vegetables with World Records tumbling on an annual basis. “Get Guinness on the phone!”, the organisers have done just that and this year the show will welcome officials from the World Record awarding body. On Sunday Guinness will verify any official records achieved at the show and award the coveted title to growers. Last year AutoPot grower Dale Toten scooped a U.K. and World Record along with five category wins. We eagerly anticipate his 2019 tilt.

Bringing out the best – exhibitors revel in showing off a season’s work at Malvern

Also de rigueur at Malvern is an odyssean tour of the RHS Flower Show where a host of nurseries compete for the coveted RHS Gold Medal. See spectacular displays, innovative arrangements and out of the box thinking, all executed to perfection. Free, essential assistance is also on hand in preparing for winter and next season thanks to the RHS Gardening Advisers who offer advice to help your garden flourish. And where better than the ground-zero of Autumnal horticulture to obtain plants and bulbs? Visit the Plant Shops and Bulb Markets – how does one do without?

Pizzazz! Incredible floral displays like this abound at Malvern

Family friendly fun? We wouldn’t have it any other way and nor would the organisers. A super-abundance of play, skill and craft activities plus funfair make Malvern the perfect family day out.

Expect extraordinary animal high jinx too. In this respect there’s over 100 displays including dogs doing tricks, dogs herding ducks, dogs, other friendly mammals of all sizes, poultry doing their thang and The Young Pig of the Year competition. The latter appears to be some kind of pig slalom – that’s to say pigs racing a course, not people skiing around pigs. Hold the front page, there’s also the Ryedale Sheep Show, peep at the sheep? I should think so! If all this has you a little too excited why not take the edge off with sublime artisan food and drink? Thar be Cider Garden, Gin Show, Food Hall and Market to polish things off nicely. 

We look forward to seeing you there, on Insta follow @malvernshows @canna.official @dale_toten and @autopot_global for more updates on the event. On FB it’s @MalvernShows @UK.CANNA and @AutoPotSystems

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