When cultivating the kind of plant that will head up your empire you’re going to be investing a great deal of time and energy. As this plant will be the fountainhead of your horticultural bloodline you don’t want to leave things to chance or suffer adverse effects that could echo down the ages. It’s probably going to be quite big and may exceed the pot size of any off-the-peg system, meaning you’re without the protective, enclosed features of a module. It may even need to be grown outside, which exposes you even more. If your plant is for production then the lack of protection potentially endangers a sizeable chunk of your crops. What to do? 

AutoPot PlantSkirt is designed to resolve all these issues and more. PlantSkirt allows you to cultivate even the biggest plants with AutoPot, under protection, in large open trays, outdoors or indoors – stress-free. It’s available now.

Stylish AND practical, the AutoPot PlantSkirt

“Who amongst us has not enjoyed the liberating sensation of popping on a skirt and going outside?” This was much the thinking when we were developing PlantSkirt. With a skirt on you’re free to go anywhere, unafraid of algae and debris invading your nether regions. You can relax without the fear of heat or light causing fluctuations in the temperature of your substrate. Your nutrient solution is safe from evaporation that might otherwise leave your roots damaged, hot and parched. PlantSkirt covers all these bases for your plants. It’s light-tight and heat-reflective, heck, it even reflects both back onto the plant to its greater benefit.

PlantSkirt will fit trays from 80cm to 100cm sq and a plastic or fabric pot with a max diameter of 70cm.

Together with an easy2GO Kit in a flat-bottomed tray, PlantSkirt effectively allows you to create your own custom module to cater for prodigious plants. Secured around the middle of your pot and around the outer rim of your tray, this innovative skirt keeps everything nicely under wraps. PlantSkirt will fit trays from 80cm to 100cm sq and a plastic or fabric pot with a max diameter of 70cm. Follow us below as we show you just how simple it is to build your own automatic, power-free, zero-waste, self-watering module for seriously big plants.

Care to join us as we take you step by step through set up? Oui? Then read on.

Position your pot centrally in your tray. Fill pot with substrate and pot up plants. Hand water through pot and allow to drain.
Place AQUAvalve PotSock onto the tray. Place easy2GO Kit into the AQUAvalve PotSock. Connect the AQUAvalve to your water supply using 6mm pipe.
The PlantSkirt is secured around the middle of the pot and the outer rim of the tray. Secure in place with the PlantSkirt’s drawstrings.
Once the drawstrings are pulled tight the PlantSkirt provides an effective seal preventing light and debris from entering the tray.

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