AutoPot Summer Social 2020 – Sneak Previews

2020 vision, that’s what we’ve got for the premier U.K. hydro trade event of the year, the AutoPot Summer Social. Will you join us now for a privileged peek at our prophecies for 15th-16th August 2020? We very much hope so. New to all this? We’ll give you some pointers.

Above: It’s getting bigger. 2020 will see further site expansion allowing for more of everything!

Every year our idyllic, intimate, rural location is transformed with ten vast sponsor tipis, an ents stage, over fifty exhibitor booths, a hospitality complex, an accommodation village, caterers, games and attractions springing up for an exciting, entertaining and exclusively trade-attended event. Our only guests are sponsors, exhibitors, hydroponic retailers, horticultural professionals and commercial customers. The purpose? To do relaxed, friendly business, to chat, to exchange ideas, to exhibit, to make breakthrough commercial agreements and to entertain. All of this is free to attend for registered exhibitors and guests. To miss it would be folly.

Those are the principles. We’ve seen and done so much more under the Social banner since 2015. We’d happily revel in the glories of yesteryear, who wouldn’t? But right now we’re far too excited about what’s in store for next year’s event. Let’s take a closer look.

Above: An endless swirl of exhibitors and guests

Our capacity is set to mushroom in 2020 with vast site expansions allowing for a huge single Pavilion, bigger greenhouses featuring stunning technical innovations and, and, and a whole field designated exclusively for what we shall elusively describe as “attractions”.

Above: Stunning hospitality all weekend long courtesy of Highlight Horticulture and CANNA

Totally tickled to tell that Highlight Horticulture and CANNA will reprise their potation patronage for 2020, bringing you FREE cold beverages throughout the weekend. If you’ve never had your whistle whet for gratis by Highlight and CANNA then 2020 is surely the time to submit to their uniquely stylish, extraordinarily generous hospitality.

Above: A full-on, weekend-long entertainment revue masterminded and presented by Mill’s UK!

A top-hole roster of live entertainment is already grooving its way around the mind of James @millspaysthebillsuk, it’s a carnival in there! He’s just got to get those acts out of his head and onto the field, how will they disembark? Gingerly peeping out of his ears before bouncing down-shoulder on their behinds? Slipping out under the eyelids and swooping down astride a loose ‘lash? Inflatable slides from nasal cavity? Or will they pop sensible shoes on and navigate out over his Alpine white fangs? Only time will tell, but the lesson of history here is that Mill’s never fail to lay on an epic aural-visual adventure.

Above: Not only do the Platinum Sponsors make the Social possible but they also bring their own little extravaganzas!

Sponsor-wise we’ve got more Platinum than Presley! A bold claim perhaps, but where’s he in 2020? The AutoPot Summer Social? Guess again, no offence. As in 2019 we have garnered the Platinum Sponsorship of a selection of industry standards. You’d best believe they will be putting on their very own mini-extravaganzas in the Tipi Villages. In alphabetical reverse order (just for a change) that line up would be: The Growers Wholesale, SANlight, Growth Technology , Gavita, Dutchpro, CAN-Filters and Biobizz. It’s a thrilling ensemble and no mistaking. You can be 100% sure we’ll be spoutin’ like teapots about our Platinum Sponsors’ grand designs in the run-up, stay tuned.

Above: Hurry ye not, for we have free on-site camping, mobile home berths, full deluxe facilities, free refreshments and a vast range of catering options on offer all weekend.

You’ll not want to leave and, for one very special night at least, you needn’t. Free camping and mobile homing by our guests’ own hands will once again be their prerogative. 2020 will see these options supplemented by a Summer Social revolution in rentable accommodation – but that’s enough about that for now.

What on earth are you going to do for breakfast though? By brunch-time it really is crunch-time and by lunchtime, well, it really is crunch-time. Allow us to assuage your fears. We have a massive handle on it marked ‘catering’ which once pulled will unleash a veritable cavalry of options; hot and cold, mains and sides, snacks and tidbits, healthy and reckless, restorative and satisfying, meat and dedicated veg/vegan. Open throughout the weekend to ensure you never have to step off-site.

Above: The spectacularly presented exhibition greenhouses – set for expansion in 2020

Sounds delicious eh? Doubtless you’re keen to do all you can to climb aboard the Social charabanc? Rest easy, got the dates saved? Nothing more to do for now. Simply follow @autopotsummersocial and @autopot_global on Insta and @AutoPotSystems on Facebook for further announcements.

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