Preview: MJBizCon Las Vegas 2019 with AutoPot

Nirvana in Nevada: 35,000 attendees, 70+ countries represented, 1,250+ investors, 1,300+ exhibitors; all following the cultivation dream but wide awake to opportunity and possibility. That’s MJBizCon 2019 – the numbers kind of say it all really. Who on earth would pass up the chance to be there? Not us, that’s for sure – AutoPot Watering Systems will exhibiting in Las Vegas from December 11th-13th. Step lively to Booth 3237!

Above: YOU HEARD! Don’t you dare pretend you don’t know where we’ll be

AutoPot USA will, of course, be on hand to advise, explain and expand on our tech and commercial credentials. Their CEO Nick Ulintz and US Accounts Manager Manny Pelaez have a wealth of background on the US cultivation scene and can tell you exactly how our systems mesh with today’s growers needs. 

To complement APUSA we’ll be importing a crate of vintage, Old World AutoPot horticultural expertise in the shape of MD Jason Ralph-Smith, Int. Sales Manager Dave Gulliver and R&D Head-Consultant Benjamin Biggs from the U.K.. We very much hope you’ll head to see them, crack open their growing acumen and allow their cultivated charm to exude. Tap in to over 30 years of commercial crop cultivation and cannabis experience. They want to talk to you, they love it!

Above: Working on every level: Montel Racking with AutoPot Watering Systems

In order to take cultivation to yet another level we’ve always worked closely with some of the industry’s premier innovators. One such collaboration is that between vertical storage artisans Montel and ourselves. This year we’re delighted to invite visitors at MJBiz to test drive brand-new, AutoPot-equipped, Montel GreenRak mobile vertical farming systems on our booth. We’ll be showcasing both a propagation rack and a rack for our tray systems – racks that, paired with AutoPots, promise to maximize vertical and indeed horizontal growing spaces.

Above: Come see us on Stand 3237 and try out AutoPot-equipped Montel Racking

For nearly one hundred earth years Montel have been devising exquisitely engineered high-density mobile storage systems. So exquisite that they are now a byword for infrastructure in vertical farming. In 72 countries Montel products underpin innovative projects of all sizes, both inside and outside the horticultural trade. Not least amongst these projects is The Grove in Las Vegas. At The Grove, as elsewhere, the investment in Montel racking was quickly offset by the immense increase in capacity and thus revenue. The functionality of the staging, including electronic operation and access, makes such vertical facilities truly manageable.

Above: We’re past masters at getting the maximum from your growing spaces, come talk to us in Vegas and find out how

Put that together with the AutoPot systems we design and manufacture and you’ll have quite a facility on your hands. AutoPots feed plants on demand, without feeding schedules and without the need for electricity, pumps or timers. This means high-yields with incredibly low overheads and maintenance.

Our UK team are itching to sample yet more commercial cultivation in the States first-hand. A full roster of facility visits is therefore in the offing. To keep abreast of what will doubtless prove an inspirational odyssey follow our Facebook and Insta feeds.

Above: AutoPot offer solutions for growing plants of all sizes

Supplying and supporting commercial cultivation is a huge part of what we do but we’re every bit as keen to encourage home growers to dream big using straightforward, low maintenance tech. That is the truest foundation for creating dedicated, professional and innovative cultivators who can populate the industry in years to come. If you supply into these markets or have personal interests therein we’d urge you to come talk to us, we have the equipment, the know-how and the capacity to get people growing.

AutoPot grows with everything and our team are absolutely ready to field questions aplenty as to how the systems can be used with mineral fertilizers or living soils to achieve incredible yields.
In case you missed the invitation VISIT US! On Booth 3237. Can’t be there? We’re sad to hear that but you’ve still every chance to experience a little of the magic via our MJBiz mailers and those social feeds – In the US check out APUSA on FB @AutopotUSA Insta a la @autopot_usa

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