Lid Life To The Max – with 4Pot Pro

A temple to plant life. An AutoPot Watering System is the rightful home for your sacred greenery. There are revelatory levels of growing potential contained in each and every module. In order to make the most of that potential a strong establishing phase is key. We’ve come up with a complete kit based on our 4Pot System to help nurture new arrivals through the early days – the 4Pot Pro.

Above: 4Pot Pro, with AQUAvalve5 throughout

As with any system, at the crucial stage where a young plant is added it really needs care, especially in the micro-environment close to the leaves. Whilst our systems are capable of responding precisely to every plant’s individual needs we can’t control the wider growing environment that defines those needs. We offer tips aplenty, but how a growing space is climatically managed is down to the grower. Fortunately we’ve devised an ingenious way of controlling the leaf micro-environment. 4Pot Pro includes a simple add-on

to our pots that helps to stimulate growth, protect against climatic fluctuation, and ultimately provide a fantastically sound basis for further vigorous growth.

Above: Using propagation lids to help create healthy levels of humidity for young plants

4Pot Pro includes four, tailor-made propagation lids. These are designed to be fitted to the 15 L pots during the early weeks in which plants establish in the system. The lids help to generate the humidity that young plants crave.

Humidity is an essential part of the micro-environment close to leaves. Lack of humidity directly around plants is perhaps the number one cause of poor initial growth. Leaves curl to protect the plant against a lack of humidity and transpiration stops. Your environment, system and nutrients may be perfect but without local humidity growth can stall. With the help of the lids your plants can quickly take hold, fill out, take wing and soar. 4Pot Pro buyers rejoice! But what if you’ve got an AutoPot Watering System of a different size, or if you just need to cater for a certain section of your system?

Above: Under development – lids for 8.5 L easy2grow and 25 L 1Pot XL pots – opaque test moulds will be clear in final models

Fear not! The self-same propagation lids are available separately. Fans of easy2grow and 1Pot XL need not feel empty-hearted either. We are in the advanced stages of producing lids for, respectively, the 8.5 L and 25 L pots used in those systems. Follow our Facebook and Insta feeds for updates.

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