Farm City – Island Life & Self-Sufficiency

More great news from distant shores. Welcome to Farmcity (1), Mauritius where yet another group of innovative horticulturalists have embraced AutoPot Watering Systems. Farmcity builds modern farms for healthier communities. They’ve developed an easy-to-operate, modular farm model that enables great food to be grown completely naturally.

In this, our first look at Farmcity, I’d very much like to explore the organisation’s aims – wouldn’t you? Furthermore I want to know how islands such as Mauritius present farmers


We’ve combined our AutoPot XL Systems with the original, market leading fabric SmartPot! All our …

Mike Elston

We are very sad to report that Mike Elston passed away on the 2nd January. Mike was the very first AutoPot investor, he invested in AutoPot at the very beginning when no one else would. Please join us in sending our thoughts and condolences to his family at this sad time.

Micro Herbs

Our Research & Development facility is currently home to a micro seed trial. The trial is designed to explore the potential of a multi-level growing system which we are developing for supermarkets and kitchens.

As an improvised and low-mess substrate we’re using expandable confetti paper in punnets to begin the germination process

Travel with Dave Gulliver – January: Paris-ky Business!

Owing to a preponderance of art, fashion and food Paris is renowned for its haughty culture, but what of its horticulture? This January AutoPot had to know. We sent European Accounts Manager and horticulture vulture Dave Gulliver to the French capital to find out. With his special set of skills and sartorial elegance Dave took to Paris like a duck to l’orange. In the course of his investigations Dave would call upon