4Pot Pro System


4Pot Pro System includes:
1x 47ltr tank, lid & 9mm top hat grommet
1x 9mm golf filter
4x 9mm tee connector
2x 9mm cross connector
2x 9mm inline taps
4x 1Pot trays & lids
4x 15 litre pots
4x 15 litre pot propagation lids
4x AQUAvalve5
4x root control discs
4x marix discs
1x 4 metre length of 9mm pipe
9mm pipe – Outside Diameter 9mm/Inside Diameter 7mm
16mm pipe – Outside Diameter 16mm/Inside Diameter 13mm
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Getting Established.
4Pot Pro includes four, tailor-made propagation lids. These are to be fitted to the pots for the early weeks whilst plants establish in the system. The lids help to generate the humidity that young plants crave.
Essential Humidity.
Humidity is an essential part of the micro-environment close to leaves. Lack of humidity directly around plants is perhaps the number one cause of poor growth. Leaves curl to protect the plant against a lack of humidity and transpiration stops.
Basis for Growth.
Your environment, system and nutrients may be perfect but without local humidity growth can stall. With the help of the lids your plants can quickly take hold, fill out, and enjoy a fantastically sound basis for further vigorous growth.